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They're All Barking - A Dog's Guide to Human Behaviour - PAPERBACK BOOK

They're All Barking - A Dog's Guide to Human Behaviour - PAPERBACK BOOK

  • Does your dog jump all over you in excitement?

  • Do you dread leaving it alone?

  • Does your pet have an impressive wardrobe of outfits?

  • Does it console you when life turns sour?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then ‘They’re All Barking’ is the book for you!



In his entertaining and emotive new book, Professor Daniel Springer-Spaniel, pulls no punches in telling us how life really is – from a dog’s perspective. Find out which type of human you are and how your behaviour, emotions and lifestyle are affecting your best-friend.


Learn how human stress, grief, depression, anxiety and frantic living, can affect your beloved pet, supported by genuine case studies.


Professor Daniel studies Humanology and is a Fellow of the European Trust for Canine and Hounds (FETCH). In consultation with his colleague Dr Peter Pointer, PhD (Philosopher of Dogs), he reveals what happens when your dog has no boundaries, little training, or is unsocialised.


    Paperback: £12.99
    152 mm x 229 mm (176 pages)


    Ruth McDonagh is not a veterinarian, dog behaviourist or trainer. The information in this book is intended to raise awareness and act as a guide for dog owners. The author cannot be held responsible for any loss or claim arising out of the use or misuse of suggestions in this book, nor from the failure to take veterinary or other professional advice. Information contained within this book, is correct to the best of Ruth McDonagh’s knowledge at the time of publication. Many of the case studies in this book are based on real life incidents. Details of dogs and their owners have been changed. Some examples are fictional, created for literary effect to demonstrate points raised. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

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